Aframes Class of 2014 from Wes Stoody on Vimeo.

Wes Stoody founded Aframes with a single goal in mind is to increase the funding for vitamin A supplementation in developing countries.  After learning about the problem, Wes could not believe how few people knew that over one million children die or go blind each year from vitamin A deficiency.  More importantly, it costs just $1 for a year’s worth of supplements for one child. Wes then resolved to start an eyewear brand with the mission of raising awareness and funding for vitamin A supplementation. Tadacip 20 mg

Selfless | An Interview with AFrames Eyewear from Unscene Media on Vimeo.

After the mission was established, Wes realized something. There is a lack of high-quality products in the cause-driven market. It seems that most cause-driven brands tend to focus all their energy on marketing, and not enough on product development. We want to change that. Bystolic vs. Lopressor Aframes is developing and selling a truly luxurious, high-quality line of eyewear, but at a price point that is accessible to most.

Aframes donates 5% of its  sales revenue to Helen Keller International to help the distribution of vitamin A supplements worldwide.

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