Cool Eyewear. Really, really cool eyewear and must-have accessory that you can rock for a good cause. Being stylish is great; being stylish AND earth-conscious is even better! Eco is a radically new approach to eyewear pushing the boundaries by combining sustainable expertise with creative and design-forward style.


Eyewear made of 95% Recycled Materials. Eco is the first optical and sunglass collection entirely made of recycled materials. Eco is the only eyewear company to receive an Environmental Claims Validation™ (ECV) from UL Environment (ULE), a world leader in product evaluation. The ULE validation substantiates Eco’s assertion that the eyewear is made of at least 95 percent recycled stainless steel and plastic.


“A Gift of Green.” Eco plants a tree for every frame you purchase through the One Frame One Tree initiative. Eco gives tangible support to Trees for the Future, a leading nonprofit organization, which integrates tree-planting into agriculture and land restoration projects providing countless, sustainable benefits to our Earth and to the life upon it. So far over Eco has planted 600,000 trees and counting!

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