Entourage of 7

Entourage of 7 stands as a serious and strong alternative to label branded eyewear.


“Los Angeles, California is renowned worldwide for being a hub of artistic inspiration and creativity. This was the legendary location where we decided to take a new and different approach.  Our dream was to create a luxury eyewear label that would, like our newfound and beloved city of choice, constantly reinvent itself, always be at the forefront of design and technology and always be new. A challenge to the established label brands.”


“7 being the number of enthusiasts present at the founding meeting and 7 being the number associated with luck, handed us the name Entourage of 7 on a silver plate.  There has been no looking back since.”


“Born in Denmark we are standing on the shoulders of decades of Scandinavian design mastery, we honor the Historic Los Angeles tradition of producing eyewear of the highest standard.”


“Respecting, however not resting on the heritage from Old Hollywood vintage design, our choice, from the beginning, has been to step out of that shadow.
Just as L.A. always changes, so do we.”

“When the sun rises over the city of angels, our mission is clear: to keep our eyes and mind open, to let all impressions feed our passionate obsession with quality, image and style, and to translate our obsession into vibrant and exciting eyewear.”


“Inspired by the sun kissed spirit, of the ever-changing multicultural melting  pot, we find joy in pushing forward, constantly reminding ourselves to always be  courageously creative. To reflect a city always reinventing itself – always on the move – always new.”