Etnia Barcelona


Ten years ago, when they started Etnia, the craftsmen and artists behind the brand had no knowledge about how to create a brand, little understanding about global logistics, and no marketing expertise. What they did have was the desire to win over the world with their designs, a commitment to quality, a desire to delight their customers, to continue to improve and to innovate to reach their place among the market leaders.


Now, ten years later they boldly say:

“We want to do what we like, say what we like, talk of important things, move away from success and beauty, talk seriously about what is out there, revive long-lost values like freedom. We are free.  We denounce everything that makes the world worse, and exalt what makes it great. We grab onto life, turn it around, and we look at it shamelessly and make it a work of art. We are artists of our own lives. We bestow it with the dance it asks of us. Starting now we are not resigned to reality because that attitude is already part of the past.”

4_perth_rdwh_7015You are free to be the “artist of your own life” with a work of art for your face from Etnia Barcelona at Smarter Eyewear.