RVS by V

RVS Eyewear has been supplying its brand of hand made matte eyewear since its launch as the first eyewear company to be based out of Istanbul Turkey in 2006.

The vision for “quality eyewear built to last a lifetime” was brought to life by founder Vidal Erkohen.

After supplying eyewear boutiques, runway shows and celebrities worldwide with his line of vintage eyewear, RVS Hand Made Eyewear was founded with the goal of bringing back the quality and originality that was put into eyewear of the past.

It’s colorful matt finishing, hand painted red screws and vibrant color combinations have quickly given RVS Eyewear a unique place in the eyewear industry.

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“All RVS frames are hand assembled in limited quantities and manufactured according to our clients requests.  Instead of keeping our suppliers stuck to a certain catalog we provide a large array of colors for each of our designs and are able to custom combine any of these colors leaving our frames final designs up to your imagination.”

“Each RVS frame is built with the intent of lasting their user a lifetime in both style and quality. Our approach to the art of eyewear has set us apart from others and has helped us capture a classic cool rather then whatever is “in” at the moment and we tend to keep it this way.”

“In an age where true quality is mostly the last priority, we strive to fulfill the true eyewear connoisseur’s needs.”

“For those of you who wish to look at the future from within the quality of the past we welcome you to look at the world through our eyes.”

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