Vinyl Factory

Vinyl Factory brings us back to the nostalgia of an unbridled time, when artistic and musical creation was following the example of multicultural diversity.  Directly inspired by the 60-70’s spirit, the brand interprets classic old-style models on the latest fashionable rhythm.


Indeed, by recreating a dynamic atmosphere in which models imitate the trends of an uninhibited period.  Vinyl Factory manages to play with modernity and nostalgia quality and accessibility.  It is like a hymn to creation.  A symphony, which has been receiving a chorus of praise since the very beginning.  A variety of 48 original, aesthetic and affordable optical models.


This Collection is composed of optical and sunglass models, each performed in three different colors like musical variations.  Every detail immediately gets you into a pop and retro mood: evocative names such as Bowie, Clapton, or Marley; guitar neck shaped temple sleeves, vinyl shaped cleaning cloth.

The concern about the details and design arises as a real trademark: handmade hinge, insert, engravings, and gildings.  The acetate plates are handled as if they were a precious fabric.  Metal models are rigorously worked and artistically chased.


Every detail is considered as essential.  Every fabrication technique is perfectly mastered.  Various shades of colors are available for the sunglasses collection as well, which is composed of and designed with polarized and anti-reflective lenses in order to satisfy customer’s expectations.

Creativity is the main musician of their rocking collection; talent is the leader of the band.


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